Students who wish to receive training in Ukrainian or Russian language are enrolled to the Preparatory Department. Duration:10 months provides Ukrainian or Russian language courses

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(MD–Medical Doctor Degree,equivalent to MBBS)
Admission deadline:November 15 Academic year(2 semesters):September 1-June-30
Duration: 6 years

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Pharmacy (equivalent to Master Degree in Pharmacy)
Admission deadline: November 15
Academic year (2 semesters): September 1-June 30
Period of training:5 years

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Dentistry (equivalent to DMD – Doctor of Dental Medicine)
Admission deadline: November 15
Academic year (2 semesters): September 1-June 30
Period of training: 5 years

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Nursing(ADN–Associate Degree in Nursing;BSN–Bachelor Science in Nursing;MSN–Master Science in Nursing)
(international Nursing School|American Nursing university)

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PG Medicine

Postgraduates are taught in English and Russian according to the programs and curriculam approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine .The main objective of the postgraduate training

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About TSMU?

Ternopil National  Medical University ranks third in Ukraine among the higher medical schools of the IVth accreditation level according to the latest rating list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.In the latest rating list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Ternopil National  Medical University. Almost 1200 international students from 62 countries of the world study at the University. Languages of instruction: Ukrainian, English, Russian. Agreements on cooperation have been signed with universities from 17 countries of the world. 15 years’ experience of teaching medicine in English more

TSMU video

I.Horbachevsky Ternopil National  Medical University Video tour

Rankings and reputation
“The Ukraine Ministry of Health has ranked  Ternopil National  Medical University as second among the medical universities in Ukraine.It has been awarded the IV (highest) according to the lastest accreditation level by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 2015”

TUITION PER YEAR( 2018-2019)

 Medicine $3600 _  $3950
 Dentistry $4400  $4000  $4000
 Pharmacy $3800  $3700  $3700
 PG $4100  $3950  $3950
 Nursing $3750  ___  ___
 Prep Course ___  $1200  $1200



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General Information

Accreditation Degree: IV
Faculties: Medical Faculty
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Dentistry
Postgraduate Training Faculty
Faculty of Foreign Students
Teaching Staff: 549 (including 3 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
86 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 336 Candidates of Sciences,
9 Honorary Workers of Science and Technology,
3 Honorary Inventors of Ukraine,3 State Prize Laureates,
3 Honorary Physicians of Ukraine)
Number of Students: 4063,  including 1200 foreign students from 62  countries
Language of Study: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Forms of Study: Full-time; correspondence (distance)
Forms of Postgraduate training: Internship Program
Postgraduate Course (Master’s Degree)
Postgraduate Course (PhD)
Clinical Specialization
Advanced Training
Education: State-financed, contractual (self-financed)
Rector MD, Professor Mikhail M. Korda
First Vice-Rector for Research, Educational MD, Professor Alexander L. Kovalchuk
Vice-Rector for Research, Educational MD, Professor Arkadiy H. Shulhay
Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Innovative and Computer Technologies D.E., D.Sc., Professor Ivan M. Klishch
Vice-Rector for Research, Educational and Medical Work MD, D.Sc., Professor Stepan Yo. Zaporozhan
Vice-rector for Research, Education and Social Problems Candidate of Med. Sc., Associate Professor Oleh B. Slabyy
Dean of Medical Faculty MD, Professor Oksana R. Boyarchuck
Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy candidate. Pharm . Science Assoc. Dmitry B. Korobko
Dean of Faculty of Dentistry PhD, Associate Professor Svetlana I. Boytsanyuk
Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Training PhD, Associate Professor Roman V. Svystun
Dean of Faculty of Foreign Students MD, D.Sc., Associate Professor Petro R. Selsky
Director of the Institute of Nursing Svitlana O. Yastremska,
Chief Accountant Tetyana Ye. Mudryk

List of members of the Academic Council UNIVERSITY YEAR 2014-15

Corresponding Member. NAMS of Ukraine, prof. L.Ya. Kovalchuk,
prof. O. L.  Kovalchuk,
prof. A.G. Shulhay,
prof. V.P. Martsenyuk,
prof. N.I. Yarema,
Assoc. V.E. Blikhar,
Assoc. O.B. Slaby,
prof. O.R. Boyarchuck,
Assoc. D.B. Korobko,
prof. M.V. Hrebenyk,
prof. Y.P. Nagorny,
prof. M.M. Korda,
Assoc. S.O. Yastremskaya,
T.E. Mudrik,
prof. K.A. Posokhova,
prof. O.M. Holyachenko,
Assoc. R.V. Svystun,
Assoc. S.I. Boytsanyuk,
Assoc. I.I. Boymystruk,
Assoc. V.D. Didukh
I.I. Havryschak,
Assoc. Y. Uhlyar,
Corresponding Member. NAMS of Ukraine, prof. M.A. Andreichyn,
prof. S.M. Andreichyn,
prof. A.D. Bedenyuk,
prof. Ya.Ya. Bodnar,
prof. Y.I. Bondarenko,
prof. K.S. Volkov,
prof. I.E. Gerasimyuk,
prof. M.S. Hnatiuk,
prof. T.A. Hroshovyy,
prof. I.M. Deykalo,
prof. O.V. Denefil,
prof. I.J. Dzyubanovskyy,
prof. M.O. Kashuba,
prof. S.I. Klymnyuk,
prof. L.M. Malanchuk,
prof. S.I. Cherkashyn,
prof. S.I. Shkrobot,
prof. M.I. Shved,
MD O.M. Oleszczuk,
MD M.I. Maruschak,
B. Kulikovskiy,
A.V. Zajac,
T.O. Atamanchuk,
O.O. Farion


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